About the show

Each episode of "Music Raygun" explores a different musical artist, topic or concept. Hosts Paul Ciampanelli and Kirk Pynchon watch and discuss related music videos, TV clips, commercials, interviews and other pop-culture ephemera on YouTube.

Logo by Kyla Paolucci.
Music by Bagweed.

About the hosts

PAUL CIAMPANELLI: Paul is a Los Angeles-based writer, editor and social media strategist. He's an Upright Citizens Brigade-trained retired comedy improviser. He lives in Hollywood with his cat, Martha. You may recognize him as the first castaway voted out of the Yasur tribe in "Survivor: Vanuatu." (@PaulCiampanelli)


KIRK PYNCHON: Kirk is the managing editor of Guff Media. He is a playwright whose works have had successful runs in both Los Angeles and Chicago. Kirk is also a contributing writer to the Disney parenting website Babble. If you enjoy ranch dressing, ketchup or flan, Kirk will not be your friend. (@IWishILikedFlan)