55: Philadelphia

Kirk and Paul love exploring U.S. states and cities for their musical histories. But Philadelphia challenged them because it boats such an embarrassment of musical riches. There are so many good Philly artists from every decade and style. Who to pick? Well, this episode is serving you super Philly soul sounds of the '70s, '80s, '90s and '00s. There are punks from the '80s, alt-rock heroes from the '90s and a '50s doo-wop group. And also one living hip-hop legend born and raised in West Philly.

54: Girl Groups

Here's a sort-of companion piece to our "Boy Bands" episode, but this one's all all-girl groups. Sorry, but there aren't any Spice Girls or Pussycat Dolls tracks. But you'll get some genuine '60s girl-group girl groups, of course. There's some '90s hip-hop and R&B. And both Kirk and Paul brought some '80s to the show. In fact, in an unplanned coincidence, both hosts independently picked a song each from the soundtrack album to the movie "Beverly Hills Cop." Knowing that, think you can guess which songs?

53: Teen Angst

What was Kirk's teen angst like? What was Paul's like? If you've been listening to "Music Raygun" for a while, you can guess. And we suspect you'll get close to the mark. But there are a few curveballs here too. This episode features Nada Surf, Dream Academy, Metallica and Peter Gabriel. It has John Hughes movies and a Wes Anderson movie. It has Alyssa Milano. And Mr. Feinstein from Grant High in Van Nuys is here with his panel of teens to weigh in on punk music.

52: B-Sides IV

We're wrapping up another season of "Music Raygun" with our fourth B-sides episode. Twice a year, we look back on the previous six months' worth of episodes and revisit those topics for one more video clip each. Something that almost made the cut the first time around, something we forgot the first time, or something new we've discovered since. This time, you'll find B-sides for "Zbigniew Rybczynski," "New Jack Swing," "Off-Brand Picks," "TV Theme Music," "Bass," "Nile Rodgers," "Halloween II," "Dance III," "Boy Bands" and "Janet Jackson."

51: Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson's been a long time coming on "Music Raygun." We've talked about Michael Jackson. We've talked about the Jackson family dynasty. We've done an episode about Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. All along, we've insisted that Janet would have an episode of her own. Now that day has arrived. It starts with Janet's first TV appearance at age 8. And it ends with her 2018 Billboard Music Awards performance at age 52. And along the way, Kirk and Paul each name their top three Janet Jackson songs.

50: Grab Bag V

It’s the 50th episode of “Music Raygun.” Can you believe it? Did you think we’d last? Did you expect us to make it this far? Is anyone even listening? Anyway, the first 50 were only the beginning. There’s a lot of “Music Raygun” still to come. But this time we’re opening up the old grab bag once again. That means the theme of this episode is no theme at all. We’re talking about a random assortment of music we like. And we hope you’ll like it too.

49: Dance III (w/ Isabel Nelson)

It’s our third dance-themed episode. And that means the lovely Isabel Nelson is back in the room. She pops and locks (not really) with fellow dancer Kirk and uncoordinated buffoon Paul. This episode has Janelle Monae, the movie “Fast Forward,” and a “Soul Train” line. It’s got Christine and the Queens, “Dance Fever,” and soul music on “The Lawrence Welk Show.” Plus much more. You’re going to want to see all the actual dancing from this episode’s videos. So be sure to check out the video playlist.

48: Happy Holidays II

Merry everything and happy always to you raygunners. It’s that special time of year when, for some people, the spirit of Christmas somehow transforms a lot of music that normally would be cheesy and unlistenable into something warm and cheerful. Kirk and Paul are two of those people, so here’s another holiday treat of an episode. Even if you don’t like Christmas music, there’s something here for you to enjoy. Like Kool Moe Dee. Or Tom Waits. Or GG Allin. What says Christmas better than GG Allin?

47: Nile Rodgers

We’re taking a look at the career of Nile Rodgers, the genius guitarist, songwriter and producer behind Chic as well as hits from by Sister Sledge, Diana Ross, David Bowie, INXS and Daft Punk, all of whom are featured on this episode. And that’s not even to mention the hits he wrote and/or produced for Madonna, Duran Duran, the B-52s, Bryan Ferry, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga and more. Nile Rodgers is a titan of music and an interesting character, and this episode is lots of fun.

46: TV Theme Music

We’re doing something different on this episode of “Music Raygun.” Instead of talking about pop music, we’ll listen to some classic TV themes. From which TV shows, you ask? Here are some hints: a working-class sitcom from the ‘70s, a working-class sitcom from the ‘80s, a British sci-fi show from the ‘60s, a children’s show from the ‘70s, and more. But hey, you ask, don’t you cover any pop-culture shows from more recently than the 1980s? Hahahahaha, what the heck podcast do you think you’re listening to?