70: Grab Bag VII

Every 10 episodes, we throw away the "themed shows" premise of our podcast and dive into the grab bag. For the seventh installment, you'll find music from one half of the "Miami Vice" duo (not the half you're thinking of), the strangest song on the famous "C86" tape, Bob Welch's deeply discomfiting on-camera kissing, and more weird stuff like that.

69: Florida

Let's not beat around the bush: People love to make fun of Florida. But not us. We're here to celebrate the Sunshine State and some of the countless bands and musicians who came from there. There's Southern rock and Flordia hip-hop in equal measure, plus a few unexpected surprises. You can almost smell the swamp gas and coke sweat.

68: Asylum Records

Long before he was one of the world’s most powerful media moguls, David Geffen was just a kid in LA who ran a music label that put artists first. The label was Asylum Records. Launched in 1971, Asylum was for a few golden years the home of fantastic, legendary artists like Judee Sill, Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne, Tom Waits and even (briefly) Bob Dylan. The Eagles also were on Asylum.

666: Heavy Metal Parking Lot

Thirty-three years ago, two young men named Jeff Krulik and John Heyn drove to the parking lot outside the Capital Centre in Landover, Maryland, to interview a crowd of teen and 20-something tailgaters about to see a Judas Priest concert. The 17-minute film they came away with became a legendary rock-and-roll document. We're talking about "Heavy Metal Parking Lot." Hell yeah. We're ready to rock.

65: B-Sides V

Let's tie a bow on "Music Raygun" season five. It's been six months already, which means we're closing out another season by looking back on the season's episode themes to take one more bite of those apples. It's a B-sides episode, sweet pals. This one features bonus clips from "Teen Angst," "Girl Groups," "Philadelphia," "Piano," "Todd Rundgren," "Smooth Jazz," "Def Jam Recordings," "San Francisco," "Duets and Collaborations" and "Guitar." Crunch. Chew. Yum!

64: Guitar

A few episodes of "Music Raygun" have had musical instruments as their themes, namely saxophone, bass and piano. Well, there are only a few instruments left to cover as long as we're talking about your basic rock band, so here's one about the bedrock of the genre: the guitar. We're talking about Link Wray, George Benson, J. Mascis, Wendy Melvoin, Kevin Shields, Robert Quine and plenty more.

63: Dance IV (w/ Isabel Nelson)

Isabel Nelson is back for another dance episode and we've got ballet comedy, a dancing teenage Kelly Ripa, Fred Astaire and Barrie Chase doing "word jazz," Spain by way of Bollywood, more clips from the movie "Fast Forward," basketball a la Lawrence Welk, classic "SYTYCD," a Japanese hip-hop dance squad, Toni Basil and the Lockers, and Beyonce and the Bugaboos. Is that enough for you??