666: Heavy Metal Parking Lot

Thirty-three years ago, two young men drove the parking lot outside the Capital Centre in Landover, Maryland, to interview on camera a crowd of teens and twenty-something tailgaters about to see a Judas Priest concert. The 17-minute film they came away with became a legendary rock-and-roll document. Hell yeah, we're talking about "Heavy Metal Parking Lot" and nothing but "Heavy Metal Parking Lot" on this episode of the podcast. We're ready to rock.

65: B-Sides V

Let's tie a bow on "Music Raygun" season five. It's been six months already, which means we're closing out another season by looking back on the season's episode themes to take one more bite of those apples. It's a B-sides episode, sweet pals. This one features bonus clips from "Teen Angst," "Girl Groups," "Philadelphia," "Piano," "Todd Rundgren," "Smooth Jazz," "Def Jam Recordings," "San Francisco," "Duets and Collaborations" and "Guitar." Crunch. Chew. Yum!

64: Guitar

A few episodes of "Music Raygun" have had musical instruments as their themes, namely saxophone, bass and piano. Well, there are only a few instruments left to cover as long as we're talking about your basic rock band, so here's one about the bedrock of the genre: the guitar. We're talking about Link Wray, George Benson, J. Mascis, Wendy Melvoin, Kevin Shields, Robert Quine and plenty more.

63: Dance IV (w/ Isabel Nelson)

Isabel Nelson is back for another dance episode and we've got ballet comedy, a dancing teenage Kelly Ripa, Fred Astaire and Barrie Chase doing "word jazz," Spain by way of Bollywood, more clips from the movie "Fast Forward," basketball a la Lawrence Welk, classic "SYTYCD," a Japanese hip-hop dance squad, Toni Basil and the Lockers, and Beyonce and the Bugaboos. Is that enough for you??

60: Summer Grab Bag

Every 10th episode of “Music Raygun” is a “grab bag” with no specific topic discussed. But for this grab bag episode, there’s a theme: summer. What does that mean? Songs about summer, songs Kirk and Paul remember from particular summers, or just songs that “feel” like summer to them. So celebrate summertime with two people who don’t particularly even like summer, but love summer music. It’s the summer grab bag.

59: Def Jam Recordings

Nearly 60 episodes deep into this podcast but we’ve never before focused an episode on an iconic record label. Better late than never as the first label we chose for an episode topic is the iconic Def Jam Recordings. In addition to the holy trinity of the label’s early years—Run-D.M.C., LL Cool J and the Beastie Boys—this one’s got Oran “Juice” Jones, Slayer and the Bangles. Plus lots more.

58: Smooth Jazz (w/ Katie Willert)

We’re celebrating Kirk’s birthday as he picks the clips for this entire show. It’s the long-promised “Music Raygun” smooth jazz episode. All the greats of smooth jazz are here, like Grover Washington, David Sanborn, Bob James and even Sting for some reason that makes sense in Kirk’s brain. In fact, this whole episode is like taking a long look inside Kirk’s brain. Don’t fasten your seat belts; it’s going to be a smooth night.